Corcoran Vice President Merele Williams-Adkins called in some intimidation when I showed up at her open house on Sunday: her husband, wielding threats. I had been outside Williams-Adkins’ listing at 14 Saint James Place in Clinton Hill for just over an hour when a friend began to take photographs of my signs. This didn’t sit well with the VP’s husband, who had just arrived to do some of the dirty work. The following transpired:

“Don’t show up at one of my wife’s open houses again.”

Me: “Is that a threat?”

“It’s not a threat, it’s a promise.”

Me: “What will you do if I show up?”

“Show up and you will find out.”

Do Corcoran brokers typically have their spouses guarding the door? Are these the kind of tactics that got William-Adkins into The Corcoran Group’s “Multi-Million Dollar Club”? Does her uncle show up at your house and make you buy her listings?