Turns out the creative public-relations strategy of Corcoran VP Merele Williams-Adkins was artfully executed by sculptor and University of Pennsylvania professor Terry Adkins. Adkins and his realtor wife live in Clinton Hill with their two children, not far from where the threatening confrontation took place on Sunday. Besides his Ivy-League credentials, having work in the collections of MoMA and the Met, and receiving a Rome Prize in 2009, Adkins has been known to espouse his views on freedom of expression and money:

Personally I measure success by being able to express myself freely, being able to exercise my creative imagination freely and if I am able to do that without any kind of hindrance and to, every once in a while, make some money from it, although that’s not really ideal, I measure that as a form as success.

I guess we caught Professor Adkins during his “every once in a while” period?  1.7 million dollar listings aren’t everyday things in Clinton Hill. Why not suspend freedom of expression for an open-house weekend?