A 2006 report by the National Fair Housing Alliance, a group working against housing discrimination, points to the couture real estate company The Corcoran Group as one of the largest offenders of racial bias. As the New York Times reported in October 2011:

“During our 16 years of existence, the National Fair Housing Alliance has never seen such a literal and blatant example of sales steering,” the group wrote in a report detailing its allegations. In that particular instance, the report said, an agent “produced a map of Brooklyn and drew a red outline of the areas in which the white home seeker should consider living.” The agent used arrows to indicate neighborhoods that were “changing.”

“This racial steering tactic is reminiscent of discriminatory conduct from the 1970’s, when real estate agents would go into white neighborhoods with the specific intention of triggering white flight by showing on a map where an African-American family had bought a house,” the alliance wrote. “This Corcoran Group agent applied a new trick — he used a map to tell whites instead where they should ‘flee to.’ ”

As Gothamist reported, the Housing Alliance sent both black and white people into a Brooklyn Corcoran office posed as potential buyers. “Though the black “buyers” were more qualified, the whites received extra information about financial incentives. Further, the white “buyers” were urged to look in certain neighborhoods.”